We are re-imagining the Future of Security

A future that helps businesses, communities and families build a stronger, more secure world

With 160+ years of industry-leading expertise, S&G has become one of the most trusted names in the world for global security. We are building on our strengths as we evolve into a more innovative, responsive, and globally-focused company to better support our customers.  We are making bold new investments in our people, in our facilities, and in new and emerging technologies to ensure we are consistently delivering high-quality, market-leading products that meet our customer’s needs of today and tomorrow. Our mission is to make the world more secure today and into the future.

Our commitment to our customers….

To Deliver High-Quality Security Products
  • Provide proven solutions that can be trusted to secure assets across industries and borders.
  • Respond quickly to counter emerging threats to protect businesses, customers, and communities around the world.
  • Execute rigorous testing processes for our products to ensure reliable, in-field performance.
To Be Your Trusted Advisor
  • We draw on 160+ years of legacy expertise.
  • We protect the world’s highest security spaces such as governments, banks, and businesses worldwide.
  • We are known for durability and performance.
To Provide Secure, Forward-Thinking Innovation
  • Use emerging technologies to support real-world improvements.
  • Stay in front of problems, trends, and threats.   
  • Layer protocols for truly secure innovation.
  • New products that will revolutionize the safe industry
To Be There When You Need Us
  • We build in flexibility to keep products current as circumstances change.
  • We listen to you and design solutions to fit their needs.
  • We provide digital tools that allow you to easily connect with our Sales and Customer Service teams.
To Simplify Complexity To Make Your Job Easier
  • We simplify complex issues to make our products easier to use in global applications.
  • We enhance flexibility with modular hardware.
  • Provide you with easily accessible tools and resources to build your business