High-Security Key Locks


A 6800 Series High-Security Key Lock from S&G gives you advanced pick resistance, longer product life, and options for custom configuration.

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Often used on small, lightweight safes or internal locking compartments, or as secondary locks on high-security safes, our 6800 Series high-security key locks are dependable, secure, and convenient. Brass levers specially designed to withstand picking ensure a long product life, and most models in the series can be custom configured to meet your requirements.

S&G high-security key locks are easy to install and retrofit, matching standard mounting directions and without complicated instructions.

Product Features


Opposing lever design.

Advanced pick resistance.

Double-bitted lock with opposing brass levers.

Key-retaining design.

Key-changeable without disassembling the lock.

Keys available in 4 different lengths.




One-year limited warranty from date of shipment.


Product Options

Model 6870

Duplicate and replacement keys available.

Suitable for North American applications.



Model 6880

Limited key codes.

Suitable for European applications.

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Documents & Specs



630-011 6800 series Rev-12-11-2023
6800 Series Operating Instruction

Part Numbers

Locks with Keys
Part Number Keys Included Material Description
6870-016 3 Maximum door thickness of 2.26″ (57.4 mm)
6870-008 2 Maximum door thickness of 4.22″ (107.1 mm)
6870-028 4 Maximum door thickness of 4.22″ (107.1 mm)
6880-166-902501 2 Maximum door thickness of 3.24″ (82.4 mm)
Cut Key Sets
Two Key Set Three Key Set Four Key set Notes
6870-112 6870-113 6870-114 2.26″ (57.4 mm) max door thickness
6870-132 6870-133 6870-134 4.22″ (107.1 mm) max door thickness
6880-452 6880-453 6880-454 1.47″ (37.4 mm) max door thickness
6880-902 6880-903 6880-904 3.24″ (82.4 mm) max door thickness
6880-652 6880-653 6880-654 2.26″ (57.4 mm) max door thickness
6880-152 6880-153 6880-154 4.22″ (107.1 mm) max door thickness
Detachable Bits and Stems
Part Number Type Notes
6870-201 Blank Key Bit Uncut detachable bit for use with key stem below
6870-200 Key Stem 7.57″ (192.3 mm) max door thickness
6880-302 Cut Key Bits Set of 2
6880-300 Blank Key Bit
6880-313 Key Stem 130MM Key Stem
6880-360 Key Stem 360MM Key Stem
Key Blanks
Part Number Length Notes
6870-110P 115 mm 2.26″ (57.4 mm) max door thickness
6870-130P 90 mm 4.22″ (107.1 mm) max. door thickness
6880 Series Part Numbers (.xls)


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ULC_6800 Series_010614