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S&G’s advanced high-security padlock meets US military specification MIL-DTL-43607J for perimeter security.

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Designed to meet US military specification MIL-DTL-43607J, our Model 951 High-Security Padlock incorporates the most advanced features and materials available for perimeter security. Specialized barrier materials in the lock body and shackle resist cutting, drilling, and sawing, and a shrouded shackle design prevents wedging attacks.

Model 951 includes a restricted keyway locking cylinder available only to authorized government agencies, but Model 951C has a non-restricted cylinder to deliver the same advanced features for commercial applications.

Product Features


Meets US military specification MIL-DTL-43607J.


National Stock Number

NSN 5340-01-217-5068


Control key for easy field disassembly or rekeying.

High-security Medeco® key cylinder.

Cast stainless steel body.

Advanced barrier materials in body and shackle.

Shrouded shackle with 5/8” clear opening.

Includes attached chain and devis.

Product Options

Model 951 - Government

Restricted keyway locking cylinder for authorized government agencies.

Meets MIL-DTL-43607J.

National Stock Number NSN 5340-01-217-5068.

Model 951C - Commercial

Non-restricted keyway locking cylinder.

Same materials and design as Model 951.

Available through any S&G distributor.

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Part Numbers

Part Number Type Keying Information Keys Notes
951-009 Padlock Keyed Different 1 control key, 2 operator keys Includes attached chain and clevis
Model 951 Part Numbers (.xls)