S&G 2740B


S&G’s high-security safe lock meets Federal Specification FF-L-2740B for security containers protecting classified information. A Spy-Proof® dial and electromechanical design deliver advanced security features.


Built to meet Federal Specification FF-L-2740B for the protection of classified materials, our Model 2740B high-security safe lock is GSA-approved for security containers including safes and vault doors. A standard footprint and bolt throw and a simplified installation process make it easy to retrofit the Sargent and Greenleaf 2740B in existing applications.

Advanced design features and a motor-driven lock mechanism prevent vibration and bouncing attacks. Our Spy-Proof® dial makes it difficult for anyone other than the operator to view the combination being dialed. Familiar left-right-left dialing combined with direct-dial speeds safe opening time.

Product Features

National Stock Numbers

GSA: 5340-01-613-2080

DLA: 5340-01-628-4750


Meets Federal Specification FF-L-2740B


Two modes of operation: single control, dual control

Motor-driven lock

Standard 0.461” bolt throw

Dial direct to combination numbers

Single brass spindle connects dial to lock

No cutting, deburring, or cables

Change key provided

Stainless steel lock bolt with drilled and tapped holes

Resists 600lbs. of end and side load

Powered by long-life (up to 14 years) lithium battery

Dial and Ring

Black and white

SpyProof™ dust cover


Five-year limited warranty from date of shipment

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Documents & Specs

2740B Sell Sheet


Model 2740B Operating Instructions
Model 2740B Installation Instructions
Model 2740B Quick Start Operating Instructions
Model 2740B Overly Door Retrofit Sheet
Model 2740B Misaligned Dial Ring Recovery Instructions



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Part Numbers

Part Number Material Description
2740-400 2740B lock, dial, ring, dust cover, change key
2740-402 2740B lock body and change key only
2740-403 2740B Spy-proof dust covers with two attaching screws
2740-104 Spy-proof dust cover with (pack of 12) mounting screws
2740-105 Change Key
2740-106 Dial with spindle (max 3.875 door thickness)
2740-107 Stainless steel spline key with mounting screw (5 each)
2740-444 444-Device to reset the 2740B from lock-open-latch
Model 2740B Part Numbers (.xls)