Environmental Padlock


S&G’s Environmental Padlock combines unique design features with advanced materials that resists both physical attacks and extreme weather conditions.

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For the 2nd Year in a Row, Environmental Padlocks Receive Progressive Railroading 2022 Reader’s Choice Award.
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The Sargent and Greenleaf weather-resistant outdoor padlock is designed with self-cleaning cylinders and unique flow-through drain holes, so it opens quickly even in extreme conditions. Rugged construction also prevents physical attacks, including shimming, pulling, cutting, sawing, and leverage attempts.

Designed for outdoor use, the Model 0881/0883 outdoor padlock is coated inside and out with electroless nickel plating to resist corrosion.

Read more about transportation solutions and learn about weather-proof security for cargo and freight.

Additional information

Product Options

3/8", 9/16"

Product Features


Double ball locked to protect against shimming, pulling, cutting, or sawing.

Self-cleaning cylinders.

Flow-through drain holes.

Top-loaded cylinders only accessible in unlocked and opened position.

Electroless nickel plating inside and out.

Flourocarbon o-ring.

Powdered metal steel body built up around cylinder with narrow shoulder.

Key-retaining design.


One-year limited warranty from date of shipment.

Product Options

9/16” Shackle

Case-hardened shackle.

3/8” Shackle

Stainless steel shackle.

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Documents & Specs

Environmental Padlock-Transportaion
Environmental Padlock – Refinery
Environmental Padlock – Utilities


Environmental Padlock 0883 Operating and Cleaning Instructions
Environmental Padlock 0881 Operating and Cleaning Instructions

Part Numbers

Part Number Shackle Diameter Notes
81-002 9/16″ Includes 2 keyed different keys
83-185 3/8″ Includes 2 keyed different keys
SG_Part_Numbers_Environmental Padlocks (.xls)