High-Security Combination Padlock


S&G’s high-security combination padlock meets federal specification FF-P-110J to secure file cabinet locking bars.

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Designed to meet federal specification FF-P-110J to secure file cabinet locking bars, our high-security combination padlock resists surreptitious entry and tampering. Three different lock parts are marked with unique serial numbers, so if they were broken and replaced, the attempt is easy to spot.

An included change key allows simple combination resets at the lock. Our high-security combination padlock supports 125,000 unique combinations.

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8077 Operating and Reset Instructions


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Part Numbers

Part Number Type Dial Shackle Material Recommended Hasp Opening for Shakle
8077-108 Padlock Black Case Hardened Steel 3/8″ (9.5mm)
8077-043 Accessory Change Key Replacement change key
Model 8077 Part Numbers (.xls)