Holders of user codes can only change their own 6-digit PIN codes when the Biometric keypad is used with a 6123 or Z02 lock. If your lock is a model 6120, you will need to delete the code and then add it back to the lock. For a user code holder (PIN positions 3 – 7) to change codes, the code holder simply accesses the lock setup menus by using his or her own 6-digit code.

1.  Press START to begin.

Sargent And Greenleaf     Sargent And Greenleaf

2.  Press * to get the lock to prompt you for the setup code, which in this case will be any user code from PIN position 3 through 7.

Sargent And Greenleaf

3.  You will only have the ability to enter a new user code for the same PIN position as the one associated with the code entered to access the setup menu.

Sargent And Greenleaf


Applicable to:
Biometric Keypad