Follow these steps if you’re a manager or programmer ( 00, 01, or 02) deleting codes.

Default Programmer code is ID: 00 PIN: 12345678
The default manager code is ID: 11 PIN: 111111.

1. Enter 22 *
2. The LCD now asks for your ID and PIN:

ID # : XX

3. Enter Your ID number #
4. Enter Your PIN code #

The LCD now asks for a new PIN code. You must also confirm it.

Which PIN ID to

5. Enter the ID number you want to delete the PIN code for (1 or 2 digits)#.

DO NOT enter a value in the “New PIN” or “Confirm” fields.

New PIN:

6. Press: # twice.

The LCD now asks if you want to delete the ID you entered.
EX: You entered ID 04, the LCD would look like this:

Do you want to
delete ID 04?

7. Press: # (for Yes) or * (for No)
The LCD confirms the deletion of the PIN code for the ID selected:

ID 04 Deleted

8. Press: # to return to the time/date display.


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