The Management Reset Code (MRC) in the biometric keypad has the same functionality as an MRC in a lock. Setting the MRC in a Biometric keypad does one of three things to the lock.

  • It sets a MRC in the lock and keypad.
  • It syncs the lock’s MRC (provided with lock) and Keypad together.
  • It just sets a MRC into the keypad.

1.  Press START to begin.

sargentandgreenleaf     sargentandgreenleaf

2.  Press * to get the lock to prompt you for the setup code.


3.  Once in the setup menu press 2 for lock setup then 2 for lock program.

4. Press 5 to set a MRC for a Biometric keypad with a 6120 lock body.


Press 7 to set a MRC for a Biometric keypad with a z02 or 6123 lock body.


5. The factory master code you enter must be 1 2 3 4 5 6 #. If it has been changed, you cannot set a management reset code. The display will prompt you to enter the management reset code (made up or provided from factory), then enter it again to confirm. Remember that there is a double key press of 0/1 or 0/3 somewhere in the MRC.


6.  After confirming the MRC for the last time you will get one of the following screens:

MRC set in keypad and lock


MRC set in sync with lock or MRC set only in keypad.


Applicable to:
Biometric Keypad