The Management Reset code (MRC) is a 7 digit code. The 2 numbers in the MRC that are separated by a “/” or are in “[]” have to be entered simultaneously – press both numbers at the same time.

Execute the MRC sequence using the following steps:
1. Press * 6 #
2. Now enter the MRC
3. After entering the MRC, press #

You will hear 1 beep for each time the MRC has been executed. (If this is the first time that the MRC has been executed, you will hear only 1 beep.)

EX: *6# 135 0/1 87 #

The Master Code has now been reset to the Factory Default of 123456#
Enter the Master Code 123456#, and the lock will open.


Applicable to:
6120, 6123, Z02 Locks