Prevent jackpotting and operate more efficiently

Threats to ATM security continue to increase worldwide. Sargent and Greenleaf understands the high-stakes operational and security needs confronting cash-in-transit businesses and ATM owners, and we deliver ATM security that’s easy to use but difficult to hack.


ATM Lock

A-Series™ with Display

One-Time Code Lock

Audit 2.0

Audit Trail Lock


Electronic Safe Lock

6800 Series

High-Security Key Locks


Wi-Fi Safe Lock

Prevent jackpotting

ATMs can be vulnerable to attacks through the hood of the machine, not just the vault. S&G developed a solution—Digital Hood Defense—that uniquely protects against jackpotting ATM attacks. 

Intuitive functionality

Cash-in-transit businesses and ATM owners need increased functionality to counter emerging threats, but with user-friendly operation. S&G ATM solutions are easy to retrofit worldwide, with an intuitive display and multi-lingual options. 

What’s next in ATM security

S&G engineers and product designers research trending threats—like side-channel attacks and jackpotting ATMs—and evaluate emerging technologies that may help to mitigate risk. Find out what’s next in ATM security.