Everyone loves the concept of the smart home. Use your phone to adjust the thermostat and turn on your lights. Use voice commands to add to your grocery list. If it makes life easier, why not? That’s modern convenience for you.

But would you trust Bluetooth for your home’s security?
Our engineers looked at Bluetooth technology as an option for residential locks and saw the need to make Bluetooth both more energy efficient and far more secure—while maintaining the smart convenience that modern consumers demand.

First, we made Bluetooth more secure.
After much experimentation, we found that adding out-of-band encryption reduces the risk of the hacks and attacks that unprotected Bluetooth wireless communication invites. Although our innovation adds complexity to the security framework, S&G’s Bluetooth solutions are easy to operate and install.

Next, we made Bluetooth more efficient.
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless protocols conserve energy by only transmitting when needed. By using BLE in a Bluetooth lock, we can easily use an alkaline battery for power, just like a regular electronic lock.

Then, we raised the bar on convenience.
We quickly saw the possibilities for applying our Bluetooth research to a popular consumer electronic lock application—home safes

Traditionally, home and gun safes are protected by round keypad locks. They’re a little bulky and they remind everyone of an old-fashioned telephone, but they get the job done.

Or do they? Today’s consumers are used to touchscreen security. They prefer digital interfaces. And since we’re confident in our Bluetooth research and innovation, we decided to take our next safe lock one giant leap further.

We removed the keypad from the safe entirely.
Experience AxisBlu, the world’s first fully secure, keypad-free residential gun safe lock.

Is it secure? Definitely.

Is it easy to use? Certainly.

Does it set an entirely new future for safe lock aesthetics? Absolutely.

Convenience AND reliability? That’s S&G’s smart AND secure solution.

Check out AxisBlu on Amazon.