As cash-in-transit businesses and ATM owners expand globally, they need an ATM lock that’s easy to deploy in any country, for a multilingual workforce, and with minimal training. After listening to our customers, S&G took action, designing a revolutionary—yet familiar—ATM solution.

Easy to Understand
We built an extra-large, 30-character screen into our A-Series with Display keypad, to make it easier to understand and act on information at the lock. The screen incorporates icons, text, and images, plus audio signals, and our custom translator lets you use the lock and software in any language.

Easy to Operate
A-Series with Display follows simple ATM lock procedures, even as the screen and translation makes it easier than ever to process information. Our one-time-code app increases security while eliminating time-consuming dispatch calls. These features reduce required training, as well as premise time.

Easy to Audit
An integrated USB drive allows faster, more flexible audit trail downloads—up to 1,000 events, from multiple locks. Operators can quickly audit and email results as they go to streamline their work and reduce their time at the lock.

Easy to Retrofit
Designed to fit standard lock footprints, A-Series with Display is easy to install and retrofit. No specialized equipment or installation training required.

A-Series with Display is just one way that Sargent and Greenleaf brings thoughtful innovation to the global security market.