Digital Hood Defense


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Secure equipment against malware and ATM jackpotting with Digital Hood Defense. This digital innovation layers security for the entire unit by adding additional protection to the hood without compromising convenience for operators. With our Digital Hood Defense ATM jackpotting solution, users conveniently access both the hood and vault through the same keypad—increasing security, management, and oversight.

Digital Hood Defense connects our proven Model 1004 lock body into the ATM hood to the primary vault lock keypad for convenient operation and enhanced audit capability.

Product Features

Product Compatibility

Pair with Audit 2.0 or Digital Time Lock:

  • Up to 100 users
  • Access hood and vault with the same code – no key required
  • 1,000 date-and time-stamped audit events

Pair with A-Series with Display:

  • One-time codes based on date/time windows
  • 10-digit code allows hood access; 8-digit code plus key allows vault access
  • Programmable from existing LMS software
  • 1,000 date-and time-stamped audit events

One-year limited warranty from date of shipment


UL Listed when used with A-Series with Display

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Documents & Specs

Digital Hood Defense Sell Sheet

Part Numbers

Part Number Material Description
S104-100 Contains one Model 1004 lock body and power out cable.
Digital Hood Defense Part Number (.xls)