Over the past several years, we’ve seen a proliferation of products leveraging smart technologies into business solutions. Some of us have had our reservations. High-profile data breaches, network failures, and privacy concerns rightfully temper our enthusiasm for the latest and greatest technological advances.

Before coming to Sargent and Greenleaf, I spent a number of years working with customers in the military and the aerospace industry, so I’m quite familiar with the tensions between technology and security. It just makes sense that for a company like S&G—with government, financial, and commercial customers worldwide looking to us for leadership—balancing a heritage of industry-leading engineering with a healthy respect for the security of our customers’ assets is critical.

That’s why, when others began releasing network connected locks, Sargent and Greenleaf stayed in R&D. Coming from more than 25 years in product development, I know that was a tough stand. The benefits of IP locks are obvious: convenience, affordability, scalability, and remote customization, for a start. Some wondered why S&G let others go to market while our team continued to test and improve. The company’s answer, as always, came back to the customers. They know S&G has higher standards, and that we stick to them. Networked access control is no exception.

S&G innovation makes new technology more secure
After a long runway, S&G engineers found a breakthrough that met the stringent requirements the company put in place for IP security systems. The team backstopped security into the device itself. Using proprietary features, S&G built in conditions that meet or exceed industry encryption standards. As an engineer, I can see the incredible work that went into finding this solution. As a new CEO hired to drive new product development, I’m even more thrilled with the results.

At root, we expect our customers to use secure Wi-Fi standards: firewalls, secure VPN, and the like. After that, our device—which we call NexusIP—provides reliable UL- and VdS-tested security. From there, our team built in an easier connection that doesn’t require a peripheral hub, used a standard footprint to simplify installation and modular construction that makes it easy to scale, and developed a software interface that streamlines remote management. As a result, NexusIP isn’t just a flash in the pan. It’s a state-of-the-art solution our customers can trust in their most sensitive applications.

The thinking that makes the difference
It’s that kind of thinking—anticipating threats and creating future-proof solutions—that sets S&G apart. Our customers weren’t sure about IP locks, and they were wise to wait. Our brand of careful innovation is what has earned the trust of so many institutions worldwide for more than 160 years. 

In the end, I’m confident that NexusIP will serve our customers well for years as their businesses and organizations grow and change. And, as it tends to do, S&G’s careful innovation will be what sets the standard for networked access control going forward.

The proof is in the product
I may be new to the game, but there’s a reason I work for S&G. Since taking leadership at the company, I’ve been in the room with some of the brightest engineering and design minds in the business. I’ve observed manufacturing processes that match or exceed any I’ve seen in the last 25 years. I’ve seen the schematics that push each product past the industry standard to make it even better. NexusIP breaks new ground. I’d invite you to check out the specs, look over the tests, and try it out for yourself. 

It looks like IP locks will be the access control of the future. And at S&G, we’re proud to be out in front with a truly reliable networked lock system.

Mark LeMire
CEO, Sargent and Greenleaf