No matter what you protect—facilities, safes, vaults, ATMs—if you’re like most people, you’re concerned about the increasingly sophisticated security threats you see in the news. In addition to physical attacks, today’s security products must withstand hacking and virtual compromise.

And yet, modern spaces and applications also demand aesthetics and convenience. Designing for these requirements—both in product development and for our partners in the fields of architecture and engineering—requires more finesse than ever before.

At S&G, we see security and design as parallel priorities.
We believe that our commitment to great design and unmatched security makes us better on both counts. In many cases, fast-paced changes and threats drive breakthroughs in aesthetics as well as security.

It’s a concept we call responsive innovation. 
Each leap forward builds on our legacy of quality and performance and adds technological complexity without complicating aesthetics or operation. Our goal is to design sleek, unobtrusive security products that lead the industry and continue to inspire the trust we’ve built over 160 years.

We’re committed to protecting the world’s assets while elevating design—now and into the future.

Interested in learning more? Take a look at one recent development in our security and design strategy: the revolutionary aesthetic of our keypad-free safe lock.