I cannot pull up the web page.

No power to connection box or keypad. Bad category 5 cable. Improperly configured IP address on Lock or computer. Port 80 is not open on the network. Network is down.

Check Power to the to the lock. Check the network connection to computer. Check the network connection to the Connection box. Check that you are using the proper cable (crossover* or straight through). Check both RJ45 crimps and make sure the are good. Check that the IP address is configured correctly in Keypad. Check that your computer has an correctly configured IP address. Check that port 80 is open on network. Contact LAN Administrator for network trouble shooting.

Special Note: The crossover cable is used to make a direct connection between your computer and the IP lock. If using a straight through cable you will need to have a hub or router to create a small LAN and allow the computer and keypad to communicate with each other.

Applicable to:
IP Keypad, LMP, Exception Reporter