The LCD display reads “Lock Open” but the lock does not open.

The lock itself may have a mechanical problem preventing it from opening. There is excessive bolt pressure against the locking bolt inside the safe door preventing it from retracting. The lock cable that runs from the lock body to the ECU control unit has been damaged or disconnected.

Enter the correct code into the keypad and listen carefully for a “clicking sound” after the # button is pressed. If a clicking sound is heard then please click here to view the recommended cross thread drive nut procedure. Please verify that there is no excessive bolt pressure coming from inside the safe door. To check for bolt pressure simply push in on the safe door with steady and continuous pressure, then enter your valid code and listen for the bolt to retract. If you hear the bolt retract turn the safe handle and open the door. There is a chance the lock cable could be disconnected from the ECU control unit or even damaged. If the safe door is open please check for these two possible problems. If the safe door is closed and locked then verifying these two issues will not be possible. The next step would be to contact the manufacturer of the safe itself and work with that company for warranty service.

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