The MRC (management reset code) may have been pre-set at the factory. If so, it will be printed on a white label attached to the lock body if your lock is a model 6120 or 6123. It will accompany the lock in a sealed, black plastic pouch if your lock is a model Z02. The safe manufacturer or installer may have recorded this important number for you.

You may need to contact the safe manufacturer and see if they retained this information.

1.  Press START to begin.

Biois      Bio PFE

2.  Press * to get the lock to prompt you for the setup code.

Setup Code

3.  When you see the setup menu prompt enter your 7 digit MRC code #. When entering the 7 digit code make sure that you press the 0/1, [01], 0/3, or [03] at the same time. The turns the 7 digit code into a 6 digit code when enter it into the keypad.

When you see the MGNTRESET screen press 1.

Bio PFE     Setup Code

4.  After running the MRC, the display will indicate if the lock and keypad have been successfully reset.

System Reset

If the system not reset screen appears, neither the keypad nor the lock was reset. It is most likely you have an incorrect MRC, or it was entered incorrectly.

System Not Reset

If either the lock reset only or keypad reset only screen appears, it most likely means the lock and keypad MRCs are different. If you see one of these screens, your lock and keypad are undoubtedly out of sync. You can enter the lock MRC, then enter the keypad MRC to get them back in sync.

Lock Reset Only     Keypad Reset Only

What happens when you use the MRC successfully? In a model 6120 lock, the master code is reset to 1 2 3 4 5 6 #. All user codes are erased. If a time delay was programmed, it is erased.

In models 6123 and Z02, the master code is reset to 1 2 3 4 5 6 #, the supervisor code and all user codes are erased. If a time delay override code was set, it remains in the lock. If a time delay was programmed, it remains. Also, the mode of operation remains as it was last programmed.

Note: In some earlier models, when you run the MRC it will clear all code including the MRC. When you set the keypad back up please remember to reprogram the MRC.


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