When the lock batteries MUST be replaced, the lock will open, but will not re-lock. To recover from this condition, use the latch open function. The latch open function is activated by pressing the setup module button for one second when the LED next to the latch open icon is blinking. When this function is selected, the red and yellow LEDs will blink. If the latch open function did not work, the red error LED will light for two seconds, and you can try again. If the latch open function was successful, the green LED will light for two seconds, and the module will turn itself off. Immediately turn the dial to extend the lock bolt with the safe or container door OPEN. Remove the lock cover and replace BOTH batteries following the battery replacement procedure beginning on page 13 of this manual. Re-install the cover, then test the lock function with the container OPEN. You should operate the lock successfully at least three times before closing the container.

2740 Setup Module Lock Open Latch


Applicable to:
2740 High-Security Lock