Group 2 Mechanical Safe Lock

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S&G’s portfolio of Group 2M Mechanical Safe Locks deliver high-security performance in high-traffic applications.


We designed our 6700 Series Group 2 mechanical safe locks to perform in high-security, high-traffic applications like ATMs, gun safes, bank locks and other demanding commercial settings. These UL-Group 2 mechanical safe locks offer advanced security features to deter attacks and keep assets secure.

Choose the level of sophistication and sizing you need for your application, without sacrificing quality design and advanced attack resistance.

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Product Options


Product Features


Aluminum wheel cases.

Left-right-left dialing.

Key-changeable wheel design.

Internal relock trigger.

Compatible with S&G Group 2 and 2M dials and rings.



One-year limited warranty from date of shipment.


Product Options

6741 Series Value

1 million possible combinations.

Aluminum and brass Zamak alloy wheels.

Die-cast push-pull lever with wider dialing tolerances.

Four-way drive cam for universal mounting.

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6741 Sell Sheet


Model 6730_6731_6741 Installation Instructions
Model 6730_6741 Operating Instructions


Dialing Sequence
Mechanical Lock Installation
Open Lock and Changing Combo


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Part Numbers

Part Number Type # of Wheels Dial Ring Dial Type Finish
6730-100 Kit 3 D300 R211 Front Reading Black and White
6730-101 Kit 3 D003 R004 Front Reading Black and White
6730-102 Kit 3 D220 R167 Spy-Proof Black and White
6730-103 Kit 3 D690 R211 Front Reading, Key Locking Black and White
6730-112 Kit 3 D225 R187 Spy-Proof, Key Locking Black and White
6730-113 Kit 3 D022 R162 Small Knob, Spy-Proof Black and White
6731-111 Kit 4 D225 R167 Spy-Proof, Key Locking Black and White
6730-010 Lock Body 3
6731-004 Lock Body 4
6741-106 Kit 3 D300 R211 Front Reading Black and White
6741-117 Kit 3 D300 R211 Front Reading Satin Chrome
6741-002 Lock Body 3
Model 6730_6731_6741_Part_Numbers (.xls)


CNPP (6741)
CNPP (6730)