At Sargent and Greenleaf, we’re committed to making our locking solutions first in quality and security, but in 2019, we added a new product design process that promises to change how we think about the security products of the future.

S&G’s head of Engineering, Devon Ratliff, spends a lot of time thinking about design. This year, Devon’s team expanded the way S&G approaches product design. “The way people experience security devices is changing,” Devon says. “Our challenge is to balance the convenience and aesthetic of the internet of things with our standards for high security.”

The new design process incorporates a wide range of considerations, including:

  • How products fit with modern tech aesthetics—more streamlined and less obtrusive.
  • How to make products easier to use.
  • How to increase functionality and make products more scalable.
  • How to integrate new technologies in a secure, supportable way.
  • How to give customers more control over feature sets.

“Working with outside industrial designers as well as our own internal experts has given us a practical path to innovation that will really move the needle in the security industry,” Devon says.

Over the next several months, as S&G begins rolling out new products in line with the company’s updated design approach, Devon’s team anticipates a major impact on the market.

“Most product changes are incremental,” Devon says. “But we’re about to make a big leap forward. S&G is bringing in the future of secure design.”